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types of revisions conductors

    * DEFAULT-lightning conductors carried out before the lightning protection system into operation, inspection house, commercial premises, apartment meter installation, commissioning industrial building, total building lightning protection system repair apodobně.
    * REGULAR Revision conductor-carried out according to the terms specified in the standards ČSN331500, ČSN341390 - newly addressed in IEC 62305 - according to the types of building aa class lightning protection system. The new standard IEC 62305 Solutions tours according to deadlines.
    * SPECIAL Revision conductor-carried out after zásuhu flash and partial repair of lightning

Distribution of lightning protection

    * External lightning protection hormosvodd-classic-mission external lightning protection is to protect the objects from the thermal and mechanical effects of lightning. External lightning protection must be set up according to the Decree on buildings and facilities where the lightning could cause:

   First - Danger to life or health (eg, apartment building, building to collect a larger number of people, building for trade, health and education, construction of public accommodation or a larger number of animals
   Second - Failure with extensive consequences (such as power plant, gasworks, waterworks, building for communication equipment, station)
   Third - Explosion (such as factory and warehouse of explosive and flammable materials, liquids and gases)

    * INTERNAL protection against lightning-basis of internal protection against the effects of lightning and overvoltage is equipotential, ie the connection of all metal parts of the busbar connection. This limits the emergence of potential differences in the electrical installation of the relevant threshold and afterdischarge.
      Internal lightning protection system consists of a set of measures to reduce the effects of electromagnetic pulse caused by lightning current (LEMP) within the protected object.
      These measures include internal protection equipotential bonding, shielding buildings, rooms and spaces, remove dangerous approach and concurrence equipotential whose integral part is also effective protection against overvoltage. Lightning current and surge, as elements of internal protection, connect power to the device equipotential busbar indirectly through gaps and varistors and surge limit.
      Internal LPS must avoid dangerous sparking inside the protected object, which may be caused by the passage of lightning current not only in the external LPS, but also in other parts of the conductive object. Dangerous sparks between different components can be prevented:
      - Ekvipotencionálním grounding connection (equipotential)
      - Electrical insulating the

Grounding conductor
Grounding conductor is the most important part hromosvodní soustvy, depends on good ground that will bring into the country zaachcený discharge without other potential adverse effects on the protected object. Grounding divided according to the implementation of two basic types of earth-made up of separate earthing-uzemněňovací system, nejčstěji system implemented in an object or as a base perimeter vedení.Uzemnění revises lightning protection inspector.
Lightning, thunder, storm
Lightning efekter with accompanying sound (thunder) are natural phenomenon that in the Czech Republic operates mostly during the storm period from March 1 to September 30, usually in 20 to 30 stormy days. How to protect our homes from the risk of fire from lightning strike? After each lightning strike is nutnéprovést revision lightning and troubleshooting!
Information for revision lightning
Important basis for the revision of the documentation conductors of lightning protection system design documentation inspection techniques detect if the earthing system of type A (IEC 62305-3, Article or type B (IEC 62305-3, Article Arrangement of type A contains a horizontal or vertical earther, which is installed outside the protected building. The grounding electrode must be stored in the ground with an upper end of at least 0.5 m above the surface and preferably evenly distributed, to reduce the effects of earth in electrical bond. The arrangement of type B contains either a circuit grounding electrode outside the protected object (at least 80% of its total length, must be stored in the soil), or base earthers. Grounding should be stored at a depth of at least 0.5 m in the ground and at a distance of 1 m from the external wall of the building. The audit report should include the type of earthing system has been revised for the object used.
CSN 341390 - Protection against lightning
Important basis for the revision of the documentation conductors of lightning protection system design documentation inspection techniques detect if the earthing system of type A (IEC 62305-3, Article
Catchment CONDUCTORS -
 used to protect facilities against direct lightning strikes. This device receiver and catchment management can replace existing metal roofs, railings and other metal objects on the roof as random interception device.

used for conductive connection to earth interception device. Their task reliably captured lightning ride into the country as soon as possible means, to prevent dangerous flashover in metallic materials in the building. Leads can create external or hidden. Metal structures placed on the object can be used as random leads, exceptionally, structures passing through the object.

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